Principle of Palm Vein Authentication

Hold the palm a few centimeters over sensor, within a second the sensor captures a near-infrared image of your unique vein pattern. A proprietary algorithm takes the image, converts into a digitized biometric template, and matches it against a database of pre-registered templates.

Innovative Technology Comparison

Biometrics Features Resistance Accuracy Reliability Applications

Palm vein
No contact&no resistance
High accuracy
No replication
Very low Very high Very high Access control
PC login

Not suitable for Asian
Uncomfortable for user
High High High Access Control

Small sizelow price
Easy replication
Low Middle Middle PC or PDA Mobile

Sensitive to light and posture
Difficult to recoginize the glasses,mustache,disguise
High Low Low Electronic passport

Recognition integrated with telephone
Affected by environment noise and health condition(cough)
Low Low Low Telephone banking, Shopping