Banking application

Palm vein biometric technology has been widely applied to the world's major banking ATM / VTM machines, such as Brazil Bradesco Bank, Turkish Ziraat Bank, the German Deutsche Deutsche Bank, Japan Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank and so on. Joining the palm vein biometric module ATM machine, not only can identify the identity of customers, tighten the security. Also, customers can use without their bank cards. Banks can provide any service in any circumstance.

Nowadays, more and more Chinese financial institutions have linked up with the world. They apply palm vein biometric technology to the financial payments industry. Panzhihua City Commercial Bank has been working with Jiangsu Fujitsu for a period of time. They apply the palm vein recognition technology into their ensure the bussiness accounts security. So they can keep their competing power.

Application payments

A new payment method will start a new generation. Palm vein biometric technology with its unique advantages. It has been gradually applied into the retail industry. It is penetrate major stores, shopping malls, supermarkets and convenience stores rapidly. Customers only need to register once, they can use it throughout their life. Customers no longer need to bring membership cards, bank cards. They can pay directly to the palm brush. It is a breakthrough in our daily life for shopping.

One large chain supermarket is the pioneer in the worldwide to use Fujitsu palm vein technology to achieve physical stores biological payments, the company has set up hundreds of imported ingredients convenience stores in China. Their customers only need to complete a palm vein scanning, binding any payment account. The payment is completed.