PalmPass One--System Configuration

PalmPass One--Module Functions

Access control management

In the access area, using palm vein authentication for authorization of staff’s entrance, The physical equipment can be door, turnstile, lift etc.

  • remote terminal setting;
  • time slot setting;
  • authorization setting;
  • log check and export.

Time attendance management

At the time attendance spot, using palm vein authentication for collecting arriving and leaving time for staff, the software can manage the data and export customized format list for HR

  • remote terminal setting;
  • self define time attendance rules;
  • normal shift, sign shift, time shift and temporary shift available for different application;
  • log check and export with customized format;
  • daily report, weekly report and monthly report are available.

HR management

HR module covers staff’s basic information such as profile information, recruit and resign experience, contract information. coordinate with time attendance and consumption modules, help the enterprise improve HR management level.

  • staff profile management;
  • wage management;
  • consumption account management;
  • overtime application;
  • annual leave, business trip application and approval;
  • varies of HR report forms creating.

Consumption management

In dining room, snack bar or convenience store is provided by the enterprise. PalmPass will make it possible for staff to consume without cash or credit card. Palm vein authentication is connected with staff’s account via network, thus staff can pay with their hands

  • varies of consumption options;
  • varies of booking options;
  • self checking account available;
  • support both C/S and B/S configuration,data refresh in real time.

Express management

Utilizing palm vein authentication in express management can prevent wrong express delivery

  • inform the staff by email or SMS when the package arriving;
  • palm vein authentication before the staff take away the package;

PalmPass One--Configuration

PalmPass™ can be widely used in enterprise, government, school, office building, and apartment etc.

  turnstile PSN900(E) Palm vein collector license Authentication server
300~500 staff 4 Time attendance 5 5 2(authentication server 1+1) CPU2.3G quad cores
500~1000 staff 8 Time attendance 10 10 ≥3(authentication server N+1) CPU 3.0G quad/octal cores
1000~2000 staff 12 Time attendance 20 20 ≥4(authentication server N+1)) CPU 3.4G quad/octal cores

PalmPass™ application case

One Japanese auto parts manufactory in Wuhan has adopted PalmPass One for access control, time attendance and consumption management, the company benefits from high security and efficiency.