Authorized dealers

Partners are authorized in local countries in which to carry out a range of distribution business. They are responsible for brand licensing, marketing, product marketing, engineering, installation and after-sales service the companys' products and technology in the area of dissemination. We only need you to provide not less than two full-time technicians and sales staff.

Authorized dealers enjoy the following privileges:

1. The best dealer price;
2. Support the project and provide referral in a later stage;
3. Free training and ongoing technical support;
4. Rebates and other sales incentives;

Product Applications

1. Enterprises attendance, access control, security, nurseries security management;
2. In the department of the police force, such as prisons, drug rehabilitation centers, armories, personnel identity verification;
3. Ticketing area certification, Social Security survive certification, financial transaction system login authorization;

Dealer Application Process

1、Submit application

Online submission , so that our full-time staff will contact you as soon as possible.


Our client manager will contact you by phone, arrange an interview if necessary.


For your needs, we will start the evaluation program accordance to you relevant information submit.


We will offer tailormade free training and guidance programs for you. You only need to provide two well trained technicians and pass the exam.


After verifying the programme, authorized representatives of the both sides sign a distribution agreement, We will issue a certificate to the authorized dealer.